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Achilles Tendon Pain

In Greek mythology, the Achilles’ heel is avowed to be a point of weakness, especially in someone who is otherwise very fit.  Indeed, it might take the actions of a vigorous greek warrior to injure the strongest tendon in the body. Incapacitating the Achilles tendon requires a great deal of tensile load over time – or […]

Bunions and My Beautiful Shoes

My beautiful shoes, sometimes referred to as ‘car to bar’ high heels, are not intended to be practical. They are a statement – a work of art to complement the perfect outfit ensemble for a special event or even just lunch with the gals. When not on public display, an envious closet configuration can showcase […]

Power Line Common Fibular Division of the Sciatic Nerve

Human anatomy is not an exact science. For years, grave robbers from multiple countries stole cadavers for dissection in a rush to stake claim on newly discovered muscles.   A degree in linguistics would be very helpful in understanding the various independent revelations such as the latin etymology for pes anserinus. The tendons of sartorius, […]

​​​​​​IT Band Syndrome Anatomy Investigation

#itb #glutes #hamstrings #quads She saw the finish line! Unfortunately, it was mile 11 of a 13.1 mile half marathon, and the last two miles went inland and then back to the coast. The already exhausted runner contemplated hopping the fence to take a shortcut through the grass. Except – there might be snakes in […]

Fuel Supply to Muscles in Normal, Stress and Starvation Modes

The middle seat. The people in the aisle seats try to avoid eye contact with you in the hopes that the vacant middle seat will not get filled. I chose a middle seat near the front of the plane. PHX:DTW will take 5 hours. I crawled over a large, elderly lady and sat next to […]

Hidden Fibers of the Deep Gluteus Maximus

He was still in the saddle, but the horse was flipped on her back. The mare had entered the arena with the crowd’s expectation that she’d win a third event that day. But the opponent, a single cow, was spooked by the flash of a man standing up in a bucking chute right next to […]